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Looking for visiting one of the best cities of Europe... What about Prague? Maybe you don't know where is Prague. Prague is the Capital of Czech Republic in the Central Europe. We like Prague for the Old Town and its old houses, its palaces and churches, its museums and galleries...

There is only one International Airport called Ruzyne. Ruzyne Airport is at 9 miles from Prague Centre. Going to the city of Prague isn't really difficult. The transportation from the Airport can be done by taxi or by a mini bus (regular mini-bus service CEDAZ).

Going around Prague with the public transportation can be done by the underground tube called the Metro. There are three lines A, B and C. You will recognize the sign M for the entrance of the metro.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle in Prague is one of the main sights and the biggest castle in the World. Founded in the 9th Century by the Prince Bonvoj, it has been rebuilt many times. You will like to see the changing of the guard. It happens every hour.

You can explore the old Royal Palace. It was the seat of Bohemian princes. Admire the massive Gothic Vladislav Hall. The All Saints'Chapel has been rebuilt in the Baroque style.

The Powder Tower is one of the 13 gates of the Prague Castle leading to the old city. The Bohemian Kings walked through it, walking to the St. Vitus Cathedral for coronation. Nowdays the Tower houses the exhibition of Czech military history.

The gothic Saint Vitus Cathedral is the biggest and one the most beautiful churches. The Crypt contains the royal tombs. See the Royal Mausoleum: Ferdinand I, his wife and son and Maximilian II ; the tomb of St John Nepomuk

Old Town square

About Prague Old Town Square. This colorful square is situated in the Old Town of Prague. The Prague Marathon, one of the best events in Prague starts on the square every year.

In the middle, there is the statue of the religious reformer Jan Hus. Tourists enjoy strolling on the square and around you will walk in narrow streets.

What do we see? The Old Town Hall and its Astronomical Clock. It is the third oldest Astronomical Clock in the world but only this one is working.

Church of St Nicholas

A little further the baroque Church of St Nicholas dominates of Little Quarter Square. In 1787, the Baroque Organ was played by Mozart. Splendid Dome Fresco. It can be visited every day except on Sundays during the Holy Mass. The church is now a popular concert venue.

Wallenstein Palace

Metro: Malostranska. A baroque building, the Wallenstein Palace is located in Malá Strana (most historical region of Prague). The Palace was built by the Commander-in-Chief Albrecht von Wallenstein. You will not miss the magnificent hall of the Palace with its ceiling fresco of Wallenstein himself.

The garden is beautiful with its avenue of sculptures and at the end there is a large pond with a central statue. Near the Valdstejnska street entrance is the riding school now used for exhibitions.

National Theatre

Metro: Narodni trida, line B. The National Theatre Národní divadlo is an important symbol of the Czech culture. The lobby ceiling with its beautiful frescoe was painted by František Ženíšek. The Auditorium ceiling is also the work of the well-known Czech painter.

Want to know about Prague National Theatre: a guided tour is available for visiting the National Theatre of Prague.

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