Churches and concerts in Barcelona 2018 Spain

Churches in Barcelona, classical and guitar music concerts are hosted in most beautiful churches. Enjoy classical events, concerts of Spanish Guitar, flamenco and music events in Barcelona. The Basilica de la Sagrada Familia and the Cathedral in Barcelona are the most visited  churches in Barcelona. 

Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Segrada Familia is a world heritage site. The Basilica has been under construction since 1882 and still unfinished. Antoni Gaudi was the architect and devoted all his time to the project. He died before finishing the Basilica.

How to visit La Sagrada? Guided tours are available in different languages. There is an extra fee to access the towers. La Sagrada is a Catholic church located in the Exiample quarter of Barcelona. You can take the metro to go to the church, and stop at the Sagrada Familia. If you plan a visit to The Gaudi House Museum, it is located in the Park Guell.

Cathedral Basilica Of Barcelona

The Barcelona Cathedral or Cathedral of Saint Eulalia is a must-see church in Barcelona. The cathedral is located near Placa de St felip Neri. You will be surprised by the beauty of the gothic architecture. Don't miss the gargoyles on the roof featured animals, lion, goat, dog, monkey.

The construction of the Cathedral started in the XIII century and ended in the XV century. You can visit the cloister with its 13 geese. The number Thirteen represents the age of Eulalia patron saint of Barcelona when she was martyred by the Romans.

Santa Maria del Pi

The Basilica Santa Maria del Pi is another Barcelona church to visit. It is located on plaza del Pi, near the placa Sant Josef Oriol in Barcelona Gothic quarter. The church is the most recognizable by the beautiful rose window above the main entrance. The Saint Joseph Oriol was buried here.

During the concert season, the Basilica Santa Maria del Pi hosts famous Spanish guitar music. Find guitar concerts in the church. Address of the Basilica in Barcelona: Carrer del Cardenal Casanas, 16, Barcelona. Public transport: Liceu.

Concerts in Basilica Santa Maria del Pi

Iglesia de Santa Ana

The Iglesia de Santa Anna is a part of Santa Ana Monastery and Cloister located near the plaza de Catalonia in Barcelona. It was built in the XII century. And has been declared as a national monument since 1881.

Address: Claustre del Monastir de Santa Anna, C de Santa Anna, 29. Barcelona. Public transport: pl. Catalunya

Concerts in Iglesia de Santa Ana

Iglesia Sant Jaume

The Iglesia Sant Jaume is a catholic church situated in one of the best shopping streets and area of Calle Ferran. The Good Friday procession starts at the Iglesia of Saint Jaime. This Barcelona church hosts also concerts of the Masters of the Spanish Guitar.

Address: Iglesia Sant Jaume, Carrer de Ferran 28 Barcelona

Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

The Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar is a beautiful gothic Barcelona church. Ideal place for concerts.

Address: Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar Plaça de Santa Maria Barcelona

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