Top Beijing tourist attractions

What are the top Beijing tourist attractions? If you decide to visit China and Beijing in few days, it will be better to know the best places to see.

If you arrive by plane, you'll be arriving at the Airport of Beijing named the Beijing Capital International Airport. The Airport is 20 miles northeast of the centre of Beijing. The most convenient way to go to the city is taking the Airport Express of the Beijing Subway.

The easy way to go around Beijing is to take the subway.

Knowing Beijing doesn't take only few days. There are so many temples, markets and gardens here. You'll be surprised by the architecture of the past and the modern buildings of nowadays.

Forbidden City

Where is the Forbidden City? One of the best Beijing tourist attractions, the Forbidden City is located in the Center of Beijing. Known as the Palace Museum, it was the home of the Emperors during 600 years. The Forbidden City is the largest palace complex in the world.

Visit the Forbidden City. The entrance is at the Meridian Gate. Inside the court, you'll see five marbles bridges crossing the Golden Water. A little further, you'll arrive at the Gate of Supreme Harmony (used for banquets). The Hall of Supreme Harmony is in the middle (inside the throne). Continue to the Hall of Middle Harmony (used by the Emperor before ceremonies) and the Hall of Preserving Harmony. You'll reach the Gate of Heavenly Purity.

Tian'an Men

The Tian’an Men square is very close to the Palace Museum. It's the third largest square in the world. In the middle there is the Mao's Mausoleum and the monument to the People's Heroes. On the west side, there is the Great Hall of the People and on the east side, the China National Museum. It is now reopened to the public. There is also a theater.

Subway: Tian'an Men West or Tian'an Men East

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is one of the best Beijing tourist attractions. This complex is located south of Tian’an Men square. The Emperors visited regularly the temple for ceremonies.

In the Temple of Heaven Park, there is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvestswith its splendid ceiling built of wood (without nails). The Imperial Vault of Heaven looks similar but smaller. The Circular Mound Altar is a round platform made in marble represents the center of the world.

Subway: Quian Men

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is over 5 500 miles made of stone and earthen. It goes between Shanhaiguan (east) to Top Lake (west). The Great Wall has been built for protecting the Chinese Empire since the 5th century BC.

The Ming Tombs are located 30 miles northwest of Beijing. The thirteen tombs of Ming emperors were carefully placed depending of the Feng Shui principles. The first tomb to be built was the Yongle emperor. You'll see the Hall of Eminent Favor, the Ding Ling treasures, the Spirit Tower.

From Beijing, guided tours to the Great Wall of China will include a visit to the Ming Tombs.

The Beijing opera is a form of traditional of Chinese theatre. The colors of the painted faces, the costumes, the music, the acrobats bring together a magnific show to the public.

Best festivals in Beijing are hold all year around. 

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