Events in Beijing 2018

Beijing events 2018, festivals, shows, sporting events, concerts, events in China. 

New Year’s day on January 1st 2018.

Harbin Ice Festival 2018: ice sculpture exhibition December 24 to February 25th. Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China.

Bird's Nest Ice and Snow Festival: Beijing in January, February.

China Fur and Leather Products Fair: January 14 to 17th 2018, at China International Exhibition Center.

Chinese New Year or Spring festival in Beijing: February 16, 2018. The most important celebration and one of the best events in Beijing will last for 15 days. Many fairs, acrobats and many kinds of entrainments will be taking places in the city. The last day will be ended by the lantern festival.

China Lantern festival 2018: March 2, 2018. It's the last day of the Spring festival. Very nice display of red lanterns, animal shapes lanterns in Beijing. Don't miss to taste the Yuanxiao. It has been the tradition for 800 years to eat a glutinous rice ball on the 15th day of the festival.

ISPO Beijing 2018: January 24 to 27th. Sport trade show at China National Convention Center.

Beijing Auto Maintenance & Repair AMR 2018: April 1 to 4th, at China International Exhibition Center.

International Women’s Day: March. Location: Great Hall of the People Tiananmen Square. Shows and dance.

China International Organic and Green Food Industry Expo 2018: April 8 to 10, 2018, at China International Exhibition Center.

China Clear Brightness festival: Beijing in April. It is also called the Qing Ming festival. This traditional festival indicates that's the good time to go outside. At the same time, Chinese people go to their ancestors tombs, pray and make offerings. Don't miss to try the traditional qingtuan, a dish made with dyed green rice and black bean paste.

International Kite Festival: Beijing, April event in Chao Yang Park.

Beijing Automotive Exhibition: April event at Beijing Exhibition Center.

Run The Great Wall Marathon: April 15, 2018.

Beijing International Film Festival: April 16 to 23, 2018.

Beijing Motor Show 2018: April 25 to May 4, 2018.

GMIC Beijing: April 26 to 28, 2018

Art Beijing 2018: April 29 to May 2, 2018. Agricultural Exhibition Center of China.

International Labor Day in Beijing, May 1st. May Day.

CHITEC Expo in Beijing in May. High-Tech Expo.

Hortiflorexpo IPM Beijing: May 10 to 12, 2018. Event at New China Exhibition Center Beijing.

Beijing Marathon: May 19, 2018.

Beijing IWC Meeting: May. Track and Field competition in Beijing.

Tourism Expo Beijing June at the National Agriculture Exhibition centre.

Dragon boat festival: Beijing May.

LPS Beijing 2018: June 22 to 24, 2018. Luxury property show. Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel.

Beijing Art Now Gallery in June, July. Location: Beijing Art Now Gallery. Hong Sha opei Solo Exhibition – FeiFei’s Toys.

Beijing Tutti music festival: July.

Beijing International Bicycle Exhibition: July will be held in China National Convention Center.

(Yanqing) International Wine in July. Where in Beijing? At the Badaling International Exhibition Centre.

International Jewelry Fair in Beijing in July. China National Convention Center.

DRT Show Beijing: August 3 to 5, 2018. Diving Resort Travel at the Beijing Exhibition Centre.

Beijing The Great Wall Cup: August. A youth soccer tournament.

Qi Xi Beijing: August. It is also called the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Young people go out, offer presents. 

Beijing Book Fair in August. China International Exhibition Center.

World of Food in Beijing: August, September in China National Convention Center, Beijing.

More events in Beijing

Beijing International Triathlon in September in Fengtai District Beijing.

Beijing Pop Festival in September. Location: Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

China Tennis Open on September to October.

National Day in China on October 1st. Parade and fireworks in Beijing.

Mid-Autumn festival will be in October. This Chinese festival is also known as the Harvest Festival or Moon Festival. Don't miss to taste the traditional moon cakes during the festival.

Beijing Marathon in September.

China Horse Fair in Beijing in October at China Exhibition Centre.

Beijing Chongyang Festival: October.

Dongdong Music Festival & Convention in Beijing in November.

China Medical Tourism Fair in Beijing in December at Beijing Exhibition centre.

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Beijing, China


New Year’s day

Harbin Ice Festival 

Chinese New Year


Lantern festival


International Women’s Day 


Beijing Clear Brightness festival 

International Kite Festival


International Labor Day 

CHITEC Expo in Beijing 

Great Wall Marathon 


Dragon boat festival 

Beijing Tourism Expo

Beijing Art Now Gallery


Beijing Tutti music festival 

The Great Wall Cup


Qi Xi Beijing 

Beijing 2015 World Championships in Athletics 

Beijing Book Fai


Mid-Autumn festival 

Beijing Pop Festival 

China Tennis Open 


National Day

Beijing Chongyang Festival 

Beijing Marathon


Dongdong Music Festival & Convention

World of Food Beijing


Beijing World Mind Games