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What are the best London attractions to visit? London in England is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. London is a very attractive capital for tourists. There are plenty things to do. Visit main historical buildings and explore world famous museums. Shopping in London is a must-do. There is all kind of restaurants. 

Airports in London: London Heathrow Airport main airport, located 14 miles west of London Centre. London Centre by bus, taxi or tube (metro of London).

Going around London is easy. Typical rides can be made with London red buses or black cabs. The tube (metro) is very convenient and cheap.

London has a lot to offer to tourists. First time to visit London, visit main London attractions.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament are known as Palace of Westminter. Come to the Houses of Parliament with the tube (Westminter). The elegant edifice is quite easy to recognize. It stands along the River Thames.

Guided tours are available. Big Ben is the world famous clock tower. The Westminster Hall is probably one of the most magnificent halls in the world with its hammerbeam roof. Don't miss the House of the Lords, the Royal Gallery and Prince's Chamber.

Be in London in September, the Houses of Parliament are open few days to the public. It's free of charge. Don't miss any great events in London. A visit to the Westminster Abbey is a must do, one of the nicest churches in London.

Open House London 2015: September 19, 20.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a very famous landmark in London. Castle or prison? Come here with the tube (Tower Hill underground). The tower fortress is located in Central London.

What do you see in Tower of London? The Crown Jewels collection displays the world's largest diamonds and ones of the most precious crowns on earth. At the White Tower, see the Chapel of St John and don't miss the Royal Armouries. The Tower Green was for the most fortunate prisoners.

Join an interesting tour with the Yeoman Warders. Just ask at the entrance. It's free!

Tower of London Run 2015 Date: May 6.

City Fair Welcome Reception and Tour at Tower of London 2015 on June 14.

British Museum

Don't miss a visit to the British Museum. One of the greatest museums in London and in the world. Come here with the tube (Tottenham Court Road station).

The ground floor has a display of tombs, sculptures and objects from the Ancient Greece and Rome. The upper level shows Egyptian antiquities and mummies. Another gallery is about medieval treasures from Europe. A different section is regarding Middle East objects. The British Museum has also many others exhibitions.

Entrance free at the British Museum. Open every day.

Current exhibitions:

  • Defining beauty the body in ancient Greek art in May to July 5.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden was originally a fruit and vegetable market in the seventeeth century. Nowadays it's one of the best London attractions with street entertainment, many restaurants, cafes and shops in the area of Covent Garden.

How to go to Covent Garden? By the Underground at station Covent Garden on Picadilly Line. Address: Covent Garden Market, 130 King Street London.

The Actors Church stands on the west part of the Covent Garden Piazza. The Royal Opera House is one of the best venues in London for classical music and opera. The London Transport Museum is very popular for kids and fascinating for grown-ups.

Christmas Pudding Race 2015: December 5.

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is a main London attractions to visit, located in the City of Westminster. What can you see? The Changing of the Guard is happening every day between May and June.

Visit inside Buckingham Palace, see the State Rooms and the special exhibition. A free tour of the Royal Mews is available between April and October. Ask for current exhibitions.

Discover the Buckingham Palace Gardens. One of the most beautiful parks in London.

Palace to Palace Charity Cycle Ride 2015: September 13.

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